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On-Farm Automation

Safety and security are key for your animal operation. The right environmental conditions are key to happy and healthy livestock and when those conditions aren’t right, you need to know about it ASAP. Rest easy knowing that you can monitor and control your animal buildings from anywhere using your phone or computer. Networking allows multiple sites to be controlled via a single interface, accessible from any location.

Chicken Farm

Safe, happy and healthy animals!

Call for a no-cost review of your project. We value jobs of all sizes! Because of its critical nature, FM Controls uses decentralized control so that if one area experiences a mechanical failure, your remaining systems are unaffected, allowing you time to react.

Moving beyond climate control, FM Controls can control lighting, monitor filter conditions, and control access to your facilities. Additionally, we can integrate with automatic feeding systems.

In an ever more competitive industry, modern farm automation is the solution to increasing productivity and reducing operating costs!

Consider adding or upgrading automation through FM Controls for your farm operations. Peace of mind is our best product!

Call for a no-cost review of your project. We value jobs of all sizes!

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