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FM Controls Recent Projects

Process Automation

VeroBlue Farms, Webster City, IA

At over 280,000 square feet, VeroBlue’s urban farm is the largest indoor aquaculture facility in North America. To keep the fish happy and healthy, FM Controls operates and monitors all systems, providing the fish with ideal growing conditions including water filtration and cooling, flow and tank level control, as well as carbon dioxide monitoring; all with redundant systems including emergency power integration.

We would like to thank VeroBlue Farms for selecting FM Controls as the controls provider for their world-class facility!

Decker Truck Lines

Corporate HVAC Controls

Decker Truck Line, Fort Dodge, IA

Constructed in 2006, the Decker Companies selected FM Controls as their HVAC controls contractor for their new 33,000 square foot corporate headquarters. The 50 VAV-based system with central plant has operated almost flawlessly for 12 years now, requiring only the replacement of 3 actuators in this time period.

This is just another example of a “Reliable” Controls installation!

Virtual Wellness Center Drawing

Health Care HVAC Controls

Western Home Communities, Cedar Falls, IA

Nearing completion, the new Western Homes Independent Living Center, Jacobsen Center for Well Being, and Western Homes Restorative Suites are FM Controls, 5th, 6th, and 7th projects for senior care living facilities. The $52 million project includes condo-style suites, a community center with on-site dining, health care, fitness, pool, and beauty salons. In addition to all HVAC controls, FM Controls also operates the sidewalk and driveway snow melt as well as gas detection in the underground parking garage.

Congratulations to Western Homes for reaching a new high in senior living!

Marshall Owls Logo

Education HVAC Controls

Marshall Schools, Marshall, MO

During the summer of 2016, FM Controls replaced the controls in 3 schools belonging to the 2,500 student Marshall, MO district. Reliability and energy savings convinced the district to upgrade their remaining 4 schools the summer of 2017. Utilizing the district’s computer network, facilities managers at any of the school sites can access any of the other locations to view and control the mechanical equipment such as boilers, rooftop units, and energy recovery ventilators.

Dubuque County Courthouse

Government HVAC Controls

Dubuque County Courthouse, Dubuque, IA

For 125 years, the Dubuque County courthouse has overlooked the banks of the Mississippi River. It’s a grand old building that still maintains its original charm. To avoid using conduit on the solid stone and brick walls, FM Controls kept the building’s originality by using wireless thermostats. In addition to wireless, they are also “battery-less” thanks to the small solar panel on the front of the t-stats. Of course, the 110 ground-source heat pumps are controlled and monitored from an easy-to-use graphical interface!

Live Chicken

Agricultural Controls

Zoetis, Charles City, IA

Keeping chickens comfortable and safe is important when raising eggs but when those eggs are for medical research, the stakes get just that much higher. Zoetis at Charles City produces disease and virus-free eggs whose linage goes back several generations. FM Controls helps protect Zoetis’s investment by regulating the temperature and air supply in the laying houses producing these eggs. In case of issues, alerts are provided to multiple individuals so any potentially critical issues can be resolved right away to keep their birds and investment safe!

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